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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Releases are the BEST!

I wasn't present for this one, but I know the feeling of letting a bird of prey free.
A true sense of accomplishment...our rehabbers work unbelievably hard to turn these battered birds back into fierce angels of the sky.

This female peregrine was found in downtown Cincinnati in mid-July, with a wing injury. This was one of the PEFA hatched on the PNC Bank building this year.

After a few months of tender loving care, free meals and rest, she was released back to the wide open sky above Cincinnati.

Is it me, or does that toe crossed over the others make her look nervous?

Off she goes, back where she belongs...

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Luv your raptor blog site, glad I found it. I have a high interest in wildlife and raptor rehabilitation so it is interesting to see your success stories. The bird pictured above looks like he was crossing his fingers (er, toes) prior to release. Hope he made it back out there again!